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The Omnigym Jul 21, 2022 7:02:31 AM 2 min read

Just for active athletes? Outdoor fitness areas are appealing to everyone in the community

Outdoor fitness areas are here to stay. Omnigym – a Finnish pioneer in the industry, shows how outdoor gym equipment with adjustable loads can provide the ultimate fitness experience for people with different fitness levels and goals. 

According to recent research, inactivity costs the European economy over €80 billion annually. Hence, many municipalities are fighting back and investing in comprehensive activity programs that provide equally accessible sports facilities, such as free outdoor gyms. 

It is, after all, the municipalities’ responsibility to arrange fitness facilities suitable for different target groups, from low-income students or families to senior citizens, and to equally support their health and well-being. 

According to Sami Kaivola, COO of Omnigym, municipalities have no valid data on the user profile and the utilization rate of most fitness facilities with no ticket office.

“Municipalities cannot prove that the investments pay off unless they manage to build widely used facilities, and there is a reliable way of demonstrating that.” 

Omnigym equipment provides an add-on reporting system and a simple way to gather user feedback. In addition, Omnigym conducts its own research. According to Omnigym’s latest research (2022), 15% of all Omnigym gym users are over 55 years old.

“Omnigym equipment is designed to suit the needs of all citizens, regardless of the fitness level and experience, age, wealth, or other factors. The data gathered by us and the cities and municipalities themselves proves that we have succeeded in our mission”, says Kaivola.


Outdoor fitness areas boost the sense of community 


Costless outdoor fitness areas provide an excellent opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle, even for beginners or irregular gym users who might not want to commit to an expensive gym membership. One can easily combine cycling, walking, jogging, or Nordic walking, for example, to add cardio to the workout. Moreover, the gym is open around the clock and allows bringing your friends and family.

Outdoor fitness area does not just enhance physical well-being but boosts the sense of community. 

“It is where people can meet up and have fun without worrying about fees, opening hours, or renting or purchasing sports equipment. Many Omnigym outdoor gyms are built next to playgrounds, tennis fields, beaches, or other sports facilities, so there is something for everyone”, says Kaivola.


Easy-to-use and safe outdoor gym equipment


Besides being costless and easily accessible, Omnigym equipment is also highly user-friendly. Biomechanical implementation means the equipment guides the user to perform the trajectory correctly. In addition, users do not need fitness programs as the equipment is designed for full-body circuit training. 

Kaivola points out that exercising at Omnigym outdoor gym has been scientifically proven as effective as at indoor gyms.

“The research and its findings are unique. The best feedback, however, is the number of returning gym users. People do not just try outdoor gyms out but come back and make them a part of their lifestyles”, says Kaivola.