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outdoor gym
The Omnigym Jul 6, 2022 1:03:01 PM 2 min read

Looking to invest in an outdoor gym?

Here is some advice from us at Omnigym!


Clear purpose

What is the main purpose of the investment? It can be to increase physical activity or improve long-term public health. It is important to have a clear purpose to set clear goals and look for the right products.


Set your goals as specific and measurable as you can.
Example: Get x % of the population within a radius of x kilometres of the outdoor gym to visit at least once per week within the coming x years.

Target group

Identify your target group! Try to keep it wide and identify things they have in common.
For example, both seniors and other age groups would do well with more strength training. This means that you do not have to make a specific investment for one or the other. Strength training in machines makes it available and easy to get started for most people who are looking to get going, regardless of age. Machines with adjustable weights hit an even bigger target group.

How to

If the purpose is to get more people physically active, then your investment needs to do just that. The people who are already active and reach the guidelines for physical activity will most likely visit the outdoor gym regardless, so how do we get the target group to get more active than before? This is where the functionality and place of the outdoor gym play a key role. You run a risk of not reaching the target group if the function of the outdoor gym is too hard to understand or even too hard to use. An outdoor gym with adjustable weights is one of the functionalities you should be looking for as it makes it possible for more people to use it, as it caters to their daily forms. It is also of great importance that the adjustable weights have an easy how-to, are quick to adjust and do not demand a certain strength to adjust.


Make sure there are ways to measure the usage of the outdoor gym – how else should we know that the goal is achieved? This can also play an important part in showcasing the usage of the investment to other key players within your organization.
*Omnigym Smart Data measures repetitions and is used during all hours of the day.

Total cost

Keep in mind that other elements will play a role in the total cost. Most outdoor gyms demand certain fieldwork be done. Make sure to evaluate this before deciding on your outdoor gym supplier.

Involve your citizens!

The Global User Study enables the citizens to get a say in your coming investment, by having access to an outdoor gym for 5 weeks, free of charge. Try the functionality, and placement and above all, get the citizen's feedback!

Follow the link to read more about the study and sign up for coming studies.
Omnigym Global User Study

*Omnigym Smart Data is always included in Global User Study