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Outdoor gyms
The OmnigymJul 6, 2022 1:02:06 PM2 min read

A study reveals that outdoor gyms are as effective as at indoor gyms

A recent study conducted by the University of Jyväskylä proves that Finnish Omnigym outdoor gym equipment is as effective as traditional indoor gym equipment.


Today people can work out effectively with Omnigym outdoor fitness equipment in over 230 sports locations across Finland and Europe. The picture was taken from Hietaniemi public sports park in Helsinki, Finland.

The story of Omnigym goes back to the 1980s when an indoor gym equipment brand David started to develop its equipment range in cooperation with the University of Jyväskylä. Since day one, it was crucial to develop high-quality equipment to allow users to get the maximum benefit from their workout. David indoor gym equipment has served as the backbone for Omnigym's outdoor gym equipment.

In the 2015 City of Helsinki wanted to provide a costless, all-year-round form of exercise to its citizens. Hence, Omnigym started developing a range of equipment that would stand in all weather conditions and allow resistance adjustment.

Omnigym equipment is biomechanically implemented, which means that it guides the user to perform the trajectory correctly. Hence, the use of equipment is safe enough for beginners and, on the other hand, effective and challenging enough for even professional athletes.



This study compared muscle activation, force production during squat actions and acute neuromuscular responses during a hypertrophic loading protocol in Smith Machine Squat compared to Outdoor Omnigym Squat fitness device.


Scientifically proven to be effective and safe

Keijo Häkkinen, Professor Emeritus of the University of Jyväskylä, describes that a study published in the fall of 2021 compared muscle activation, force production during squat actions and acute neuromuscular responses during a hypertrophic loading protocol in the bench press and back squat.

In addition, the study examined how a single strength workout brings up exhaustion and affects performance and recovery. These results gathered using Omnigym equipment were then compared with corresponding performances using Smith Machines that are typically found at indoor gyms.

“As a conclusion, it can be said that outdoor fitness equipment can be used for training of maximal strength and muscle hypertrophy for recreational and athletic purposes,” describes Häkkinen.

Häkkinen is delighted how interest in outdoor fitness equipment seems to be on the rise. This could be seen during an international scientific forum held in Jyväskylä in October 2021. The resistance adjustment was especially admired among participants.


Omnigym finds the results significant

“We now have scientific proof of the fact how much can be achieved with persistent equipment development. The user experience has to be so good that it makes the user come back. Thus, the investment is truly profitable”, says Sami Kaivola, COO of Omnigym.

The equipment has quickly become popular. At the moment, there are over 170 Omnigym outdoor gyms in Finland. In addition, there are approximately 50 Omnigym outdoor gyms elsewhere in Europe, and the number is increasing.

Kaivola estimates that especially the pandemic has increased the demand for alternative fitness activities.

“The physical activity and well-being of citizens have a direct effect on healthcare expenses and productivity expenses for cities and municipalities. Investing in accessible outdoor fitness facilities is a huge marketing asset that makes residential areas more attractive as well.”

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