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Öland utegym
The OmnigymJun 1, 2023 11:40:03 AM1 min read


We are very proud to present the exciting project Happy Senior, which is a collaboration between Linnaeus University, Mörbylånga Municipality, and Omnigym. Happy Senior is a research project aimed at studying changes in muscle function among individuals over the age of 65 through regular strength training at an outdoor gym. The project also aims to investigate the perceived mental and social health effects that exercise can have on older individuals.


The study's method involves a randomized controlled intervention study that lasts for 24 weeks. Participants are divided into an intervention group and a control group. The intervention consists of regular, progressive, and supervised strength training at an outdoor gym, with different training groups formed based on training dosage. During the initial weeks, participants receive instructions and guidance from personal trainers, and they subsequently follow individually tailored training programs based on their progress and capacity. Data collection is conducted before and after the intervention to compare the results.

The study aims to increase knowledge about health-promoting strength training for older individuals over the age of 65. By examining the effects of strength training and training dosage on older individuals, the study hopes to contribute to better guidelines and recommendations for exercise within this age group. We look forward to following the results.