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Moving an outdoor gym
The OmnigymAug 30, 2023 2:01:19 PM1 min read

Installation of a movable gym

Having the freedom to exercise anytime and anywhere is a luxury that is highly valued by many. One of the ways to enable accessible exercise for everyone is through outdoor gyms. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the quick and easy process of installing an outdoor gym. During the past few years, we have developed a movable platform for effortless installation and transportation.

  1. Installation of the movable gym
    Installing a gym is a smooth and efficient process that takes minimal time. A key component in this is a wheel loader or truck with the capacity to lift by placing the forks underneath the gym's platform. On average, installation takes around 60 minutes, with the time taken varying depending on the distance traveled. To ensure optimal performance and stability, it is extremely important to choose a flat and level surface for installation. Our service manager is happy to visit your site and ensure a suitable surface!
  2. Create an ideal training area
    In our surveys, we ask: "Apart from the exercise equipment, is there anything in the place lacking?". What we found out is that having trash cans near the gym allows for easy waste management and contributes to a clean and tidy environment. Another recurring one is lighting, especially if exercise takes place in the evening hours or in places with limited natural light. These small details work together to create a pleasant training environment.
  3. Benefits of the movable gym for investment
    The benefits of a movable gym go beyond the quick installation. The mobile concept gives municipalities and private parties the opportunity to test the gym before deciding on an investment. This gives the chance to explore different locations and collect data: Is this gym useful? Is it appreciated by users? Through our over 100 Global user studies conducted in 2022-2023, we have observed that location plays a crucial role in facilitating a regular exercise routine. Frequent users often live within a 1-2 km radius of the outdoor gym, being either close to their home or workplace.

To summarise: With a simple and quick installation, along with the right training surface, users can enjoy effective outdoor training in an environment that suits their needs. All it takes is a flat spot and a reliable wheel loader to set up the gym and let the training begin!