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The OmnigymApr 30, 2024 9:59:25 AM1 min read

#GlobalStrengthDay 2024

We warmly welcome you to join us to take part in the Global Strength Day on Friday, May 24thThe purpose of the day is to remind people across Europe of the importance of strength training and make their local outdoor gyms familiar. 

When talking about the importance of exercise, it isn't often emphasized enough, how essential strength training is. For example for seniors, it is the most important form of exercise. Unfortunately only 15% of people over the age of 65 fulfill the recommendations for muscle-strengthening. 

Age-related muscle loss affects significantly the ability to perform various daily activities and take care of oneself. As an example, most of the differences in how fast older people walk are related to leg strength. Regular strength training slows down muscle loss and enables older people to manage themselves for longer.  It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis and falls, as weight-bearing strength training makes the bones stronger and increases mineral density. To get the benefits the training should be progressive.

Put on weather-appropriate workout clothes, bring your water bottle and friends and join us for an effective workout. Find your nearest Omnigym, take a picture, and tag your exercise #GlobalStrengthDay .