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Outdoor gyms in Europe
The OmnigymMar 3, 2023 1:15:06 PM2 min read

The Outdoor gym equipment market in Europe: How is Omnigym different?

Finnish Omnigym, a pioneer in the outdoor fitness industry, has snowballed to over 250 locations across Europe. The popularity lies in the biomechanical implementation and adjustable loads, which make outdoor gym equipment equivalent to the ones traditionally used at indoor gyms.

Outdoor fitness areas have come a long way from wooden sit-up benches and chin-up bars, which have been posted near jogging paths for decades. Instead, the new equipment uses advanced technology that is safe for independent outdoor use and durable for all weather conditions. As a result, numerous municipalities, the military, fitness centers, resorts, and gyms are spreading a fresher approach to strength training. 

Building modern outdoor fitness areas in beautiful nature destinations, e.g., next to beaches or forests or other sports facilities like running tracks, ski routes, or tennis courts, has redefined the gym experience and made it accessible to everyone. The workout can be conveniently combined with other activities and shared with family and friends. 

The user data proves just how popular the Omnigym outdoor fitness areas are. At best, there have been 57 simultaneous users at an Omnigym fitness area, and the people keep coming back, too. 


Adjustable load and biomechanical implementation

While there are many brands in the outdoor fitness industry, Omnigym stands out from the crowd with its adjustable load and user-friendliness. Users value how convenient adjusting the resistance is – even for beginners. 

Omnigym has paid particular attention to the equipment’s ergonomics and safety. The biomechanically planned and implemented equipment guides the user to perform the trajectory correctly. Hence, exercising is intuitive, efficient, and always safe for a broad user base, regardless of age or fitness level. 

Building a digital ecosystem

On top of advanced equipment design, Omnigym provides an add-on digital system that gathers usage data on how often the equipment is used, the most popular equipment, rush hours, and the usage differences between locations. With this information, decision-makers can assess the payback of investments and the need for more facilities. 

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The digital opportunities help engage users, as well. What about publishing real-time info on current users and typical rush hours online or launching competitions and events to motivate people to move more? 

Omnigym’s technologies enable all this and more. Users can scan video tutorials and workout tips, share their workouts or participate in surveys. The opportunities are endless for either municipal use or building a profitable business around a modern outdoor fitness area. 

Ideas for municipalities to engage Omnigym outdoor fitness area users

  • Encourage users to post pictures and videos of their workouts and inspire others. 
  • Post weekly workout tips. Encourage users to combine endurance training (cycling, running, walking, Nordic walking, skiing) with weight training for variety. 
  • Arrange events or group workouts or encourage users to arrange workout dates with each other.
  • Gather user feedback and determine the age range, demographics, or fitness preferences. Knowing your audience helps you further develop the outdoor fitness area.
  • Launch campaigns, challenges, or online competitions.
  • Find a way to reward active users.