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The OmnigymNov 13, 2023 2:22:00 PM1 min read

Omnigym Outdoor Gym Equipment Transforms Fitness Landscape in Helsinki

Omnigym, a leading outdoor gym equipment manufacturer, has achieved remarkable success in collaboration with the city of Helsinki. In 2015, Omnigym responded to Helsinki's visionary call to create outdoor fitness facilities that matched the quality of indoor gyms, were safe for all users, and could endure the harsh Finnish climate. Today, the results speak for themselves, as Helsinki's fitness landscape has been revolutionized.

Omnigym's outdoor gym equipment was developed with the Finnish climate in mind. It was designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions that Helsinki experiences, allowing fitness enthusiasts to engage in year-round outdoor workouts. These equipment installations offer the same level of effectiveness and safety that indoor gym facilities provide, making them an ideal choice for users of all fitness levels. 

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In its first year, Omnigym's equipment received the coveted "Sports Product of the Year" award, highlighting their products' innovative approach and superior quality. This recognition underscores Omnigym's commitment to excellence in the field of outdoor fitness equipment. 

Today, thanks to Omnigym, Helsinki boasts nearly 40 outdoor gyms equipped with cutting-edge equipment. These open-air fitness facilities have transformed the city, promoting a culture of well-being and inclusivity among its residents. Users can enjoy a complete workout, building strength and enhancing overall fitness in an outdoor environment free from the constraints of traditional gym walls. 


Beyond just providing a venue for physical fitness the outdoor gyms have become vibrant community hubs, fostering a sense of belonging and health-conscious living among Helsinki's citizens.


Helsinki has made ambitious plans that extend all the way to the year 2030. These plans include continued investments in outdoor gyms, underlining Helsinki's commitment to urban development and the well-being of its residents.
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