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The Omnigym Jul 6, 2022 1:02:28 PM 2 min read

New openings: Enköping in Sweden

Omnigym encourages to increase in physical activity across Europe.

Omnigym launched the innovative piloting project across Europe to increase people’s activity outdoors. Physical activity is the best medicine to improve people’s well-being of all ages and fitness levels. The six-week free trial period of the piloting project allows municipalities to find out the attractiveness of an outdoor gym. During the test period, the residents can work out with the versatile Omnigym equipment and give feedback.

We are excited to introduce one of the pioneering municipalities that have joined our project and opened an inclusive Omnigym outdoor gym for test use.


Welcome on board Enköping! Why did you choose to take part in Omnigym’s pilot project?

–In the last year, Enköping has started investing in outdoor life and spontaneous sports in which the outdoor gym plays an important part. Now when the opportunity was given to test a new concept and a place next to our newly opened bathhouse, there was nothing to doubt. For a limited period, this will be an increased opportunity for us to give our residents the opportunity for active leisure time and share their views.


What is your main goal in completing the test period?

–We want to allow the citizens of Enköping to try this type of outdoor gym and get feedback from them. We also want to test the outdoor gym's location for the future.

-Christopher Hoerschelmann (Verksamhetschef Idrott och Fritid, Enköpings Kommun) and Klara Haglund (Idrotts- och friluftsstrateg, Upplevelseförvaltningen)

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Many outdoor gyms in Sweden are not used to any great extent. What could it be due to?

- Choice of location and equipment plays a significant role. We can help you find out if both the area and the equipment are suitable for your municipal residents before the investment decision is implemented. Enköping Municipality realised an opportunity to get the residents' feedback on the intended location and equipment.
There are still a few opportunities left in 2021 for more municipalities to carry out a test period. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more.

- Tomas Sjöström, Sales Manager Omnigym Sverige​​​​​​​


Read more about the free trial and get to know all the municipalities involved:
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7 reasons to choose Omnigym

✔️ 170 reference sites across Finland and Europe
✔️ High level of user satisfaction and utilization rate
✔️ The result of long product development: Efficient and dynamically safe
✔️ According to user surveys, 90% of respondents rate Omnigym equipment as "as good" or "better than" indoor gym equipment
✔️ Suitable for a wide range of users, including seniors
✔️ For year-round use
✔️ Long life cycle and low maintenance


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