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The OmnigymFeb 1, 2023 2:56:40 PM2 min read

How safe is it? Omnigym's outdoor gym equipment minimizes the risk of injury and ensures dynamic safety

Imagine listening to the birds singing and getting your daily dose of vitamin D while strengthening your whole body. This is the reality in Finland, where more than 200 outdoor fitness areas with free-to-use equipment encourage citizens to increase their well-being. But how safe is gym training outdoors? 

Designed and manufactured in Kaarina, Finland, Omnigym outdoor gym equipment has quickly spread to ten European countries. With the biomechanical implementation and patented adjustable loads, modern outdoor gym equipment is just as effective as the ones used at indoor gyms. 

Moreover, the equipment is designed to last even in the harshest Nordic conditions. The material is steel, coated with a two-layer system combining cathodic protection and a barrier effect. Furthermore, the equipment has no extra moving parts, which makes it more durable and safe – no risk of harming oneself.    

Biomechanics prevents injuries in the outdoor fitness training 

Since optimal athletic performance and reduced risk for injury often go hand-in-hand, Omnigym has spent years researching and developing a product line utilizing biomechanics. The better technique an athlete is using through each movement, the more likely they are to perform well and avoid injuries and pain. 

The biomechanically designed and implemented equipment supports safe training for beginners as it helps to perform trajectories correctly. On the other hand, the equipment helps elite athletes achieve their goals with optimal muscle activation even under extreme exhaustion. 

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Omnigym equipment is unique, and users feel it too. For example, 83 % of users find the equipment equal or superior to traditional indoor gym equipment. In addition, Global User Study (2022) reveals that over 52% of the participants visited the outdoor fitness area during the study period more than thrice. What is more, Omnigym encouraged 10 % of users to get on with gym training and make it a habit, which is even more remarkable considering the age range: 16 percent of participants were over 55.

This is precisely the goal: to provide facilities accessible to all and encourage people to adopt a more active lifestyle, regardless of their fitness level or age. 

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Independent and intuitive strength training outdoors

Being TÜV certified and standardized, Omnigym proves that on top of the design, the equipment’s manufacture, installation, inspection, and maintenance meet the highest safety standards. In addition, outdoor fitness equipment needs to be intuitive and allow independent, low-threshold use. 

In case users need extra assistance, they can easily watch video tutorials by scanning the equipment’s QR code. In addition, working out requires no fitness programs or personal trainers due to the circuit training method. Instead, a few rounds provide a naturally balanced workout that strengthens the whole body. 


Did you know that Omnigym users rate their training response 4,7/5? Learn more about the revolutionary outdoor gym equipment: